Why Soy Wax?

Soy wax candles first appeared on the Chesham scene when marketed by the lovely Corinne of Miss Soy Ltd.  They were beautifully presented and filled every event with a wall of deliciousness as you walked in.  I loved them.

On a couple of occasions I took Corinne’s candles to local events for her and got to know a little more about the benefits of soy.  The greener option, cleaner burning and no nasty by products associated with the petrochemical product that is paraffin wax.   Corinne sealed the deal by making up a little kit for my daughter one Christmas with a packet of wax flakes and three small bottles of scent.

Roll forward a few years and I was trying to get a candle retailer for one of my own events.  Chiltern Fairs was a little venture that I started and stopped quite quickly as the craft industry seemed to take a downward turn.  Audiences were harder to secure and a number of crafters were closing up because they couldn’t compete and no longer wanted to spend an entire day sitting on a stall trying to cover their outlay.

But with a surplus of jewellery makers, card manufacturers and “agents” for many successful multi national businesses, what I couldn’t find was a candle maker.  Even Corinne was too busy (now at the top end of the market) to supply me with stock.

So in November 2015 I started learning the trade, bought large quantities of wax, fragrance, glassware (I love the glassware!) and wicking and went into production, launching at our local primary school on 29th November.